Black Latex in Bollywood

Black Latex in Bollywood

Last week, Bollywood actress Nora Fatehi set Instagram ablaze with a series of posts racking up a combined 1,623,500 likes. In the posts the actress, also known for her stunning and self taught dance prowess, unveiled her role as a judge in the highly anticipated competition show 'Hip Hop India.' and boy did she announce her participation in the quest to find the country's first hip-hop dancing sensation in style. "How?" you may be asking, by mesmerizing fans with a jaw-dropping latex catsuit!

A Captivating Ensemble:

The image Nora posted revealing her status as a judge on Hip Hop India

Nora Fatehi absolutely dazzled in a striking black latex outfit by Dead Lotus Couture. Our first look at the fit came in the form of a static promotional video depicting the starlet in a cool and maybe just a little bit intimidating squatted pose. The jet black latex catsuit clung to her enviable figure, accentuating her curves and exuding an air of cool and confidence. The midlength front zipper added an element of playfulness, subtly hinting at the allure that lay beneath her outfit's fitted bust. 

Edgy Accents:

A daring full-body look at Nora's outfit, showcasing her boots and jacket

To complete her show-stopping look, Nora Fatehi combined her latex catsuit with a stylish leather jacket courtesy of Any Old Iron, along with a pair of sleek black pointed boots. These additions added an overall air of edginess to her ensemble, complimenting the rebellious spirit of the hip-hop genre. A nice nod that shows Fatehi's conscious effort to pick out an outfit that resonated with the culture that not only matches the show's theme, but also reflects her past experience as a hip-hop dancer.  

Sophisticated Sparkle:

Sparkling jewelry peaks out from the open zipper in Nora's catsuit

In true fashionista style, Nora Fatehi finished off her outfit with healthy dose of shiny accessories. Adorning herself with layered silver chain necklaces and statement silver rings, Fatehi rounded off the ensemble by bringing an element of sophisticated sparkle to her sufficiently shiny attire. This touch of elegance perfectly tempered the boldness inherent in showcasing an outfit dominated by latex.

Anticipation Builds:

With her Instagram posts, Nora Fatehi has successfully ignited anticipation among not only fans of hip-hop, but fans of fashion as well. As the show's premiere approaches, audiences are eagerly awaiting what other breathtaking outfits she will unveil throughout the competition. Fatehi's presence as a judge, combined with her impeccable fashion choices, is sure to captivate audiences and make 'Hip Hop India' a must-watch event.


What are your thoughts on Nora Fatehi's outfit? Do you think latex fashion has a place in the rebellious and anti-authoritarian culture that surrounds hip-hop and other non-conforming subgenres? Let us know down below!


And of course, if you just cant get enough of all things latex catsuit, then you NEED to check out this video! You won't regret it 

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