Latex Girls in a Barbie World

Latex Girls in a Barbie World

The highly anticipated Barbie movie premiere in London recently took place, and it was a dazzling affair that saw a plethora of celebrity guests gracing the pink carpet in their bold and trendsetting latex outfits. Known for her iconic fashion designs, it's no surprise that Barbie's influence on the fashion world was evident, with many attendees embracing the Barbiecore aesthetic with their own latex twists. 

Munroe Bergdorf - A Barbiecore Vision in Atsuko Kudo

Renowned British model and activist, Munroe Bergdorf, made heads turn as she strutted the pink carpet in a custom-made Atsuko Kudo latex gown. Atsuko Kudo has been a go-to designer for Bergdorf, and this particular gown was no exception. It beautifully captured the essence of Barbie with its vibrant hot pink color that seemed to be lifted straight off the Barbie box.

The gown itself exhibited sleek lines and curve-hugging tightness, accentuating Bergdorf's stunning figure. The flirtatious thigh-length slit added a touch of allure, making her look even more like a living Barbie doll. Munroe Bergdorf's appearance in the custom-made latex gown was a testament to the Barbiecore aesthetic, proving that Barbie's influence transcends from a toy to a cultural icon in the fashion world.

GK Barry - A Playful Twist in Elissa Poppy

TikTok star GK Barry brought a playful and bombshell beauty to the pink carpet with her light pink latex mini-dress courtesy of designer Elissa Poppy. The form-fitting pink ensemble hugged her curves perfectly, emphasizing her figure in all the right places. But what truly stole the show was the poofy chiffon boa that Barry paired with her outfit.

The chiffon boa created a striking juxtaposition between silhouettes. On one hand, the curve-accentuating, skin-tight look emphasized Barry's confidence and charm. On the other hand, the ruffles of the chiffon boa added an element of fun and playfulness. It was a masterful combination of styles, creating an indistinguishable mass of ruffles at times, hiding the tantalizing figure underneath.

Just The Tip of the Barbie-berg

Latex was truly abound at the Barbie movie premiere, the above outfits don't even begin to scratch at the surface. We also saw Latex motorcycle suits, latex mandarin collar dresses, latex mini skirts, if you can name it, it was probably there in latex form!


The Barbie movie premiere in London was undeniably a sight to behold, with a parade of celebrities donning bold and trendsetting latex outfits. Munroe Bergdorf's custom-made Atsuko Kudo latex gown exuded the Barbiecore vision, complete with vibrant pink hues and curve-hugging lines, while GK Barry's Elissa Poppy ensemble struck a delightful balance between playfulness and bombshell beauty.

As we witnessed these celebrities embracing the Barbie-inspired fashion with latex twists, it begs the question: Should we see more celebrities donning latex outfits for Hollywood premieres? The fashion world is ever-evolving, and bold choices like these can pave the way for more innovative and boundary-pushing looks. So, do you want to see more celebrities exploring the daring world of latex fashion and embracing the Barbiecore aesthetic? 


Want to see an exclusive Barbiecore dress that wasn't on the pink carpet? Then you need to click on this video down below!

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